So not sure how I am suppose to start this, you know telling the world about yourself but here it goes. My name is Luke Mills, one of my main interests in life is video games.  Since i was around five years old I’ve loved  everything about them, from playing the original Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and Mario games to the new Assassins creed and Fallout games as well as many more.

Subsequently, due to my love of video games, I wanted to pursue a career in the industry but i am still not too sure which area I wish to specialise in as there are just so many different options to choose from, such as Programmer, Artist and Level Design, just to name a few and all of which require different skills to achieve in.

That brings us to the current day where i am studying ‘NextGen Computer Games, Animation and VFX National Extended Diploma’ at Sunderland Bede college, the course will give me the skills i need to be able to understand and create my own games. As part of my  course i have been asked to create this blog and post updates on both work i am doing in and out of the class.  So overall, if you are here for the blogs i am going to try to keep a steady five posts a week including, my work, new games i have played and the new things i have learned in my lessons.