Steam VFX Showcase

So I decided to make a showcase for my steam profile as I was in the middle of improving it to make it look nice so, I decided to use my background and get the middle section that is not normally shown. I could have just used this as my screenshot showcase but instead, I decided to take the image into after effects and add an effect with my name and my logo with another effect on it.

Artwork_Middle 2_3

I first decided to have a ramp up, transition to the text of my profile name ‘Anorak’ I did this by going through and moving each letter up in the Y axis one after another in order to get the ramp-up effect.  I then reversed the effect to get the ramp down effect. I then went to my logo and added a glitch effect and tweaked some of the options to get the result I wanted, I attempted to create an RGB split with my logo but I ran into some problems with the colours in my logo so it made it more hassle than it was worth.

I am happy with the outcome and I think it makes a nice addition to my profile, I will change some of the parameters of the effect and reattempt the RGB split when I decide to change my background. I will also like to experiment with more glitch effects perhaps I will look into creating a hacking like effect.


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