Job Roles

Within the area I want to specialize in being a mixture of creating 3D Models as well as creating animations with them, there are many different roles which I could pursue the jobs below are some that I found and took an interest in alongside the requirements of the job and why I think I would want to follow that job in the future.

3D Environment Artist:

This job stuck out to me as I first saw the requirements to make individual props and create a scene using what I had made as well as this I would need to be able to set a mood using the style of model and the lighting. This job area stood out to me in particular due to the high amount of detail that is required for each model, as they are made individually and the put into a larger scene.

I like the sound of this job as it would allow me to not only continuously expand and develop my skills but also keep trying new types of models and create different scenes/ worlds within a 3D space.

Animated Advertisements:

This job stuck out to me as it would require me to create a short section of an animation, although I do enjoy it I sometimes struggle to see where I could take an animation longer than a minute at most so this job would allow me to further explore my animation skills on a small scale allowing me to understand how I can improve and move on to more interesting tasks.

For these two job areas that I found, I thought of ways in which I could pursue the roles in order to stand a better chance at getting the job role or just perfecting my skills as a whole, I looked into the areas and from what I understand, in order to follow any of the job areas that I talked about above, I would have to simply do what the job entails in order to learn the skills required and standards that I would need to uphold.



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