NextGen Year 1 Recap


I am happy with how my portfolio turned out, I had most of my best work put in it and I presented it as professionally as I could have and shown my work as best as it could be presented. I had a few bits in the portfolio which were not yet complete such as my VFX project as I had not had enough time to finalize the footage and effects and my game idea as I struggled with coming up with an idea so I settled on just making a simple design to put in my portfolio. Overall I feel that I have put my best work from my first year in this portfolio and I am looking forward to improving upon it in the second year and over the time off. where I will continue to post frequent blogs about my work and what I am doing.


The progress I have made over this year is actually quite amazing in my opinion, considering at the start I could barely use any of the software but through constant use of the programs I have begun to develop an understanding of most of the software to the point where I feel it greatly improves the quality of my work that I produce. As for my work, I think that I have developed my skills most where 3D Modeling and Animation is concerned as I have spent the most time attempting and improving these skills.

Next Year

On my second year of the Nextgen course, I would like to specialize in either an Animation or 3D Modelling area as like I mentioned before these are the disciplines that I have spent the most time in. This is mostly due to the fact that I enjoy them a lot more compared to other areas on the course and I feel that this shows in the quality of work that I can produce using the Maya software.


Project Submissions:

Low Poly:  RENDER 2.2











VFX Intro: 



Dystopian Car: car



Meme Drawings aRT

Adventure Time Character: 


Robot Character Design: Picture7

Monster Turn Around:



Flash Games:

Controllers and Games: 1/3

1. 36190303job-simulator-office1-1461703386529_1280w

2. maxresdefault

3. gta_1

Flash Game Devs: 

Personal Projects:

Aku Aku: final-render

Lego Dimensions:render

New Spaceship:  vdsfsf

Portal Gun:Poeral gun 2




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