Monster Character Turn Around

I started out by thinking about what a common fear among children was and I thought of a common fear of spiders so I designed my character around that fear, I started with the head just having and the legs coming out and then adapting the character to have a furry like body adding in the legs and the arms to create the correct amount for a spider.


The front design of my character is where I put most of my core idea, I added in a lot of furs like effects making the character appear ruff and fury much like a real spider. the design of the head was my main focus as I wanted to merge the look of a man and a spider so I needed to keep a consistent mix I decided first my drawing two large but blank eyes and add in two at each side like a spider having many eyes adding the scariness of the design.


For the 3/4 view, I showed the character as having a large hunched over back and scrawny arms. I made the back the way I did as at first I wanted to have a large abdomen but instead opted for a thicker back as I felt having an abdomen would make the character look too much like a large spider than a new scary monster. As for the arms, I decided to make them thin and rigid as the images I looked at for my inspiration showed the legs of spiders that were very rigid but thin and only had one bend in them so I decided to reflect this in my design.


The side view is more of the same for the character, this section allowed me to get a close representation of the proportions of my character, I also straightened the back of the character to show a correctly proportioned design and so that when looking in the future I would know that the back only sits as large but is not confined to that position.


The back view shows most what the other views had shown only adding in a more clear outline of the body much like that of a real spiders design having a lot of fur and straight lines coming to a point on each side.

Overall I think that my turn around sketches of my character shows him off as well as I could I also think that doing this has helped me understand further the process of creating a character I will also be looking into creating a fully 3D modeled version of this character over the next few months as I am interested to develop my skills and to see how it would turn out. I will be using software such as Mudbox to do this and will post an update to my blog once I have a showable version created.


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