Drawn Heads

After compiling the heads for this project a while ago, we didn’t end up doing much more with it as we had other projects and work that needed doing. However, since I found the Photoshop file the other day, I thought I would finish off the drawing. For my heads, I decided to do a cartoon style and having all the faces in a verticle collage.

I had already compiled the heads so all that I needed to do was pick the colors from each person’s faces and then paint over the area on a new layer, this was simple enough to do as I had already done this process multiple time throughout the year with different people although this was the first time I needed to blend the style over multiple faces at the same time, so this did provide a simple challenge as I attempted to blend the colour between each of the faces.

Overall I think that this collage of heads looks good when translated into a cartoonish style, I also like how most of the heads that I had that were of a larger quality look very much like the original image. With this project the hardest part was getting the people who had hair and translating it into the cartoon style, this was difficult as hair naturally has lots of lines but in a cartoon, it is a solid colour but when trying to do that with these images didn’t didnt look right so I used some different tools to blend different shades of the hair together most prominently used was the blur tool as it mixed up the colours together so it was harder to identify where the colours clashed.



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