Avengers Project 3

I was working on my attempt for an Ironman helmet and I discovered just how difficult it would be for me to create an entire 3D Model of the mask with little to no knowledge of the process, I had started to use a reference image and I created a 2D representation of the helmet which I feel looks good in its own right but does not fit for the project I am attempting to fulfill.

I have now looked into the whole process and It looks like I will need to entirely recreate my model only instead of going from 2D to 3D I will need to start 2D and slowly as I develop the model turning it into a 3D object as I go as this will allow me to make small adjustments while I create the model. I will still use the mirror tool in order to get the whole face meaning I will only have to model half of the head. The tutorial below will be using the same methods as what I will use when making my own.

I think that this model will be my next step in expanding my knowledge of Maya as creating an entirely realistic 3D representation of a face is something that will require a lot more research and learning that I though However, I like this as it helps me learn more about the software and improve my models in the future. Going forward I will be using the above tutorial in order to create my Iron Man mask model.


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