VFX Project

So I started work on my VFX project and I got some of the main parts done such as acquiring the base portal effect and my footage. The background footage I got was of a cityscape with a large body of water in front, I also recorded my footage which was me stood in front of a green screen and moving my arms as if I were to open a portal like in my idea.

I also added in my effects to the scene like my portal, I also added some effects to the spaceships as they exit the portal to make it seem as if they actual left rather and just appearing. I have also found an effect that I will add to my footage as I recorded it and it is shorter than my overall project so I needed a way of making the footage disappear I did this by having my footage dissipate as the same time as the portal in the sky.

The scene itself is incomplete as I still need to acquire a few more effects for my scene as well as make the spaceships destroy the city scene, I will do this by using my previous lessons on matte painting and animate parts of the scene such as smoke to create the effect of a video. I also need to make my footage blend into the scene by changing the color scale, as well as this I need to go back and tweak the spaceship to make them enter the scene more convincingly and a few little effects here and there.

I think that my progress on my project is close to what I first imagined when I thought of this project, I did think I would have been able to find some better background stock footage although all the ones that I found had a high cost or had some other issues. However, I can make the footage that I have work with a few changes and effects added onto it. I plan to have my project completed and then improved upon within the next few weeks.


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