Avengers Project 2

This time for my Avengers Project I made Thors hammer, the model itself required the use of the multi-cut tool as I needed to make lines in odd shapes, I used some reference material too when modeling as this helped me get the correct shapes and markings for the model as for the texture I mapped the engravings from Thors hammer onto a photoshop document and removed all of the messy leftovers from the image and overlayed it over the texture I was using for the hammerhead.

I also had a couple issues with the stem of the hammer as I kept on losing my lines I had made with the multi-cut tool as I was trying to keep the lines going up symmetrical and consistent, I had also created a wrist strap much like the original model however, I removed this as I felt it looked a little odd for the model but I may add it back in in the future.

Overall I think that I have accurately recreated a model of Thors hammer and I think this will look very good in the final collection of the models from this project as I plan to make a scene that encompass all of the models from this project, I would also be using the collection as a show off for my best piece of work as I strived to professionally create and layout these models.


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