Making Tracer In After Effects

I decided to make Tracer from the game Overwatch by adding some effects to some stock footage, I decided to do this as I was thinking of different portal/ teleporting effects and Tracer came to mind for this effect I took the standard footage and cut three sections out to make it look as if the person I was focusing on was teleporting, I then tracked the scene to add in the hair and goggles of the character I then added in some blue effects to make the teleportation seem like the game.

For the skipping frames part, I wanted to have only the woman skip frames however due to my lack of knowledge and time I didn’t get it done although I may return to the scene in the future and do this. The hair and goggles tracked perfectly onto the woman too as I only encountered a couple of issues which were all due to problems with the way I set up my scene but these were all corrected. The effects I got from a website called Footage Crate, I used two effects in this scene one was a pulse that came from the woman to display the teleportation like effect, I also had to change the colour of this as the effect was originally green. The second effect took over the full screen but I made it slightly transparent nd it plays every time the woman teleports in the scene.

Overall I feel that using the footage and effects I had I created a nice piece of work in after effects, This is something that I would like to develope more as I find VFX interesting but I do not spend much time with it or the software to be able to create more scenes like this one. I will be using what I have learned here on my upcoming VFX project this will really challenge me so I hope that I can create a simplistic scene while also using the Matte Painting that I have previously used in conjunction with what I have learned here.


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