Fidget Spinner Model/ Animation

With the recent popularity of these Fidget devices, I decided to take it upon myself to create a quick 3D model of one of the spinners and animate it rotating. I decided to do it as I knew that it would be a simple animation by just rotating the model around a point. The model itself was also very simple the only challenge being the ends of the spinner which required may smooths and bevels to get accurate. However, since this was made in Maya 2016 when I opened the project in the 2017 version I encountered some issues with the ends of the spinner.

The whole process was not really of any challenge to me as it was just something simple that I wanted to make if I were to spend more time on this model/ animation I could probably get a more realistic result and correct a few texturing errors that I encountered but all in all I think the spinners speed is accurate to that of a real spinner and the model without the errors at the ends, closely resembles that of a real Fidget spinner.

If I were to spend  more time with this project I would firstly go back and smooth the ends more until I reach a satisfactory smoothed edge, I would also go through and add some smaller details in texturing such as the metal rims that are apparent through the spinners as for the animation side I would probably move the keyframes to create a more simplistic rotation as right now they ae inconsistent which causes the model to appear as if it slows down for a second and then speeds up.


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