Avengers Project 1

I have begun work on my own personal 3D Modelling project, for this project I want to create signature items found from the Marvel films and comics and its heroes. The list includes many different characters parts such as Captin Americas Sheild, Iron Mans Helmet, and Thor’s hammer. I will look at each of the characters items using many reference images as well as be importing images into Maya to get the correct shape on occasion.

The first and simplest of the models that I attempted to create is Captin America’s shield. I decided to model this item first as from looking at other objects that I could use the shield seemed like the simplest model to get me started. I began by simply condensing down a circular surface and beveled the edges, this then opened up the way in which I got the smoothed shape by both extruding and then beveling the surface as I brought it to a point which I then in turn beveled.

I feel that the idea of with dramatically increase my modeling skills as I will have to face many difficult models such as Iron Mans helmet, something that will require many hours and details to be sunk in, to do it justice. As for the Sheild, I feel that it was an easy starting point to get me into this project. I also feel that as simple as it was I have done as much as I can with the shield and got the best result.

I will continue with this project whenever I have free time and once I have completed all possible signature weapons and objects, I will expand the project to cover more interesting items from the film and comic characters.


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