2D Game Update 5

So today I began to develop the second level for my 2D game, this time I wanted to teach the player how they can find fake documents, I did this by adding in some documents that would not trigger the next level. With this level, I also started to experiment with some settings for the enemies to add some variation to the attacks.


I have also decided to look into adding a timer to my level, this is mostly due to the fact that the game jam assessment which I am currently working on has this as a bonus for extra marks, because of this I have been experimenting with a script that would display the time left to complete the level and then restart the level if the timer reaches zero.

Due to the game jam, I have also had some other level designs that could easily be translated into this game, I will be designing more levels on top of that too. I will also be designing a more detailed main menu screen, I will add other buttons such as links to the controls page as well as an area where you can pick any of the levels. I am doing this as once I start to design more levels (now mad easy due to my prefabs) I will need a way of showing which levels have been completed so I will need to look how to mark them off or lock levels that have not been completed.

Going forwards I will continue to expand my game, adding more levels and expanding a few gameplay elements, I would also like to improve upon the player’s controls as after playing with it for a while, the player feels a little floaty so I would like to get a balance between speed and gravity to enhance the overall experience.  I would also like to make it so that the enemies don’t see me through a wall and I cannot shoot them through the wall, I think this will greatly improve the game making it more difficult.


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