Anvil 3D Model

So today I decided that I would start to plan out the other models that will reside in my scene, the first model that I came to was an Anvil, the model is relatively simple meaning I could design a couple of different ideas quickly, the image above is the design I am liking the most at the moment although this too is still subject to change as I am still unsure how the collective objects will come together with the theme.

I will be looking at more of my concept drawings of the anvils as well as start designing some basic models of the rest of the object to be put into the scene. However, I will be completing the main furnace idea before further developing any of these concepts as I think having at least one complete model will look better than having an uncompleted scene of basic ones.

As for the Furnace, I have just about finished the main design and edged in some extra details around the place to make it look as if it has been used and worn down although the majority of these details will be added once I create the higher poly version and then bake down the detail using a normal map.


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