Acting On I-Dent Feedback

So I recently looked at my I-Dent feedback and created a list of five objectives I would need to complete in order to user my feedback to improve upon my I-Dent animation, In this post, I am showing what I did in order to meet each section. The feedback that I was given allowed me to understand issues with my animation as well as what I could add to improve in the future.

List Of Things To Do:

  1. Attempt to implement more exaggeration on the mimic ✔
  2. Show overlapping actions with the chest opening ⍻
  3.  Change background of final render (White) ✔
  4. Research ‘the rule of thirds for composition’ ✔
  5. Adjust camera to appear more realistic ✔

Attempt to implement more exaggeration on the mimic







In order to add more exaggeration to my mimic I looked to the top half of the chest bend as well as the top hat, However, I struggled to add more exaggeration as from my point of view the extra exaggeration looks too obvious and forced which does not remind me of the exaggeration I normally see in animations and cartoons.

I did add in a small bit of exaggeration in that towards the end of the animation the hat falls off the mimic but still manages to jump with the mimic. Although I feel that this could lean more towards the appeal of the characters rather than exaggeration such as having the hat be a separate sentient object from the mimic.

I also attempted to add a little more overlapping action, I tried to show the excitement of the mimic charging in with speed and have the main body of the mimic go faster than the rest of the body. I think that adding in the overlapping in my animation did not have a big effect on my animation so I may have to go back and again change this.

Research ‘the rule of thirds for composition

From researching ‘The rule of thirds’ I have found that it is a rule used to get a more balanced scene when taking a photo or working with a scene. The rule is applied by sectioning the scene into 9 squares similar to noughts and crosses table. The rule is used to help a scene flow together, for example, going from a lighter half of an image to a darker half, this would then give us a left section which would be light and a right to be dark, leaving us with the middle section to help blend both sides together.

Adjust camera to appear more realistic

I have moved the camera to track the Mimic more realistically, staying close to the ground and then slowly moving out to reveal the entire scene at the end. I looked at my research and I attempted to set up my scene in this way keeping most of the scene in line with the rule of thirds. The camera still appears almost too smooth for the animation that I did with it, so I may go back and adjust it slightly in the future.


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