Evolution Of Job Simulator

Job simulator is a VR game that came out in 2016 for Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. The game worked best and was designed primarily for the HTC Vive as the Vive had fully developed motion controls that most closely represented a hand and grip at the time, this design worked well with Job Simulator as the game did not require the player to move and simply had them grab objects.

The game used full advantage of each motion controller as they designed it in a way that allowed the player to feel the grips with the built in 3D rumble. The game allowed for the more real interaction with the objects in the game and how the reacted with the player. The game takes full advantage of the new software and hardware that they had available and  Job Simulator felt more like a playground of different ideas.

It was not till the release of Rick and Mort Virtual Rick-ality, made my the same developers the game obviously took what that had learned from Job Simulator and created a new fresh fulfilling game while still experimenting with a new object called a YouSeeks, the object would spawn a copy of the character and allow it to interact with the objects outsides of the players reach, this was done as a response to the impossibility of being able to walk in VR in its current state.

The game takes full advantage of the new software and explore new way of interacting with objects by using a clone copy of the player in order to provide a more advanced and developed concept of VR within its young state.

Evolution of Game Design


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