Evolution Of Wii Sports

When the WII came out in 2006, Nintendo showed off its new controllers in the form of the WII motion controls, the selling point of the console was that the unique controller was able to be inserted into other controllers to make it feel more realistic such as a gun for FPS games and other things such as a tennis and cricket bat for the multiple WII sports games that was released with the console.

The game featured multiple sports like games using the motion controls having the player act as if they had to throw, punch or block different sports related things, the controller dictated in which how the game was played as the player has a direct influence on the world with the controller as well as being pitted against other people.

However, due to its unique design, the WII controller did not work well with other games such as Call Of Duty as having the player move the gun or their head around to play a fast paced game mean that games took longer and less happens. This shows just how the game needed to be designed around the controller as games designed for a more standard controller layout worked well with that they had but by adding in different shape and button layouts as well as having the player need to have a direct input on the game world meant that games designed without this in mind and added it in as a secondary feature, struggled as that’s what players were doing.

The controller did not work well with other types of games that Nintendo released a second motion controller that attached to the original to help users better control different the devices and play more in depth games that required more interaction, as well as this the controller had a joystick which could be moved with a thumb.

The game itself was received well although it did seem as just a tech demo showing the potential of the new controller it simply ended up being the only enjoyable experience for most people because of this the controller layout was not used again and Nintendo dropped motion control from their new console releases.

Evolution of Game Design


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