Animation Submissions

The two animations that I decided upon doing were the Happy Walk Cycle and the Object Push. I decided to do each animation as I felt with the walk it would refresh me and challenge me to create a simple walk and give a character emotion without audio. I decided to do the pushing an object animation as I felt that it would really challenge me to create a feeling of weight and gravity where none exists.

Happy Walk Cycle

When starting on the walk cycle, I used many different reference videos so I could attempt to recreate a more accurate walk. I decided to work with 25 Frames at first, this allowed me to create the initial poses for frame 1 and 25 and then simply inverting the arms and leg poses to create a jagged like walk. Then going through the animation using pose to pose animation to fill in the gaps at each point slowly smoothing the walk as I went back through.

I did have a couple of issues with the animation, most notably when looping the animation to create a cycle the arms seem to jump a few frames which I am uncertain why this happen as I set up the frames correctly to have them carry on from one another. I also had some issues with the facial expressions as I attempted to change the face as the character walked but this ended up not being noticeable.

Pushing An Object

This was the second animation that I attempted, this animation first had the character attempting to push the block but I later decided to add on the falling section. I did this because the starting point of the animation made the character look as if it was walking forward while pushing the block so I added in the falling section in order to translate that the character was attempting to push the object.

I also added in some subtle animations to the top back and head of the character, this helped to show how the character was struggling to push the object giving it weight as represented by the way the back scrunched up as the model tenses and then goes flat once the object is pushed over and he falls.

I encountered many issues when attempting this animation. I most struggled with the hardship of showing the weight and gravity acting upon the object and I also think that the start of the animation makes the character look like he is walking rather than his legs moving back because of the force being applied.


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