Ricks Portal Gun

In my own time, I have been attempting to broaden my knowledge with regard to Maya and its 3D modelling tools, this brought me to creating a 3D model of a device from Rick and Morty. The object I decided to create was Ricks portal gun from the series and in an attempt to keep it as close to the original as possible I also attempted to create a form of cell shading with varied results.

I first got the main shape of the device and extrude, bevelled, deformed and smoothed different areas till it represented the shape of the device. Once this was done I began to create the small add-on objects such as the red name screen which I used booleans to remove the section as well as the multi-cut tool to create some edges and then the indent. I also made the glowing green tube by extruding a few time and moved them closer to each other before merging it the centre at the top.


Once that I was done I began to texture the model, I did this by using the simple colours that Maya offers and changing the different settings in the hypershade window such as the transparency, incandescence and ambient colour. As for creating the cell shading like lines around the object I simply inserted edge loops or bevelled some edges to give me a small area to work with to place lines over it with a texture, not entirely being defined as cell shading but more of a fake look for it.

Overall I feel that the different tools and techniques I have used to both create and texture the model helped me to further develop my skills with Maya, the model will still need some further development until I am entirely happy with the result. I feel that going forward I can more confidently use theses different tools in Maya to help me improve upon my models.


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