2D Game Update 4

GIF of game.gif

So it has been a while since I made any progress on this game. However, since the last update post, I have made a few extra developments and tweaks to the initial level as well as setting up for future levels to be implemented.

The first thing I did with the game was go through and simply tweak some of the values with regards to bullet lifespan, player speed, and enemy detection radius. All of these values needed changing as I had just implemented an enemy death script to the game so I wanted it to appear more ‘realistic’ in a sense, having bullets disappeared before they phased through a wall. I did not manage to get the enemies bullet to do this as it uses an autofire script that simply shoots when the player is seen.

On top of this, I also made a few design changes such as the car at the top now faces a different direction to encompass the new ‘Very Important Files’ that they player needs to collect to proceed to the next level. I have also added some extra enemies to the level giving the player more things to shoot and increase the difficulty slightly.

Since a lot of my time is spent compiling my code as note for the game jam assessment, I did not have much to add in this update. However, I will be adding in a trigger to push the player to the next level as well as further tweaking the values on the bullets until I am happy with how they are presented. As for the documents they player must attain to go to the next level, I would like to make is so that when the player reaches the documents they are prompted with a ‘Press E To Pick Up’ and having them press the E key in order to go to the next level.


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