Indusrty Standard Model

Today I began to UV map my model, during which I found a few errors with my faces either appearing as ngons or simply just having issues that would not allow them to unwrap. I went through my model and deleted some verts and some extra edges as well as triangulating a few sections to allow the mesh to fully unwrap.

As is I am still in the process of unwrapping my model, I will take my time with this process as although I can confidently unwrap models, I still tend to make some mistakes when not paying close attention, some mistakes which in the past have rendered an entire unwrap useless.

Once my model is fully unwrapped I will begin to create my higher poly version which will insert some cuts and smaller fine details to my main furnace using normal maps. I would also like to add some external details such as some rocks in the furnace bed to give the illusion that it is in use. I will add these in once my main model is complete.

Going forward I will be completing my unwrap of my model and then I will use a normal bump map to add fine details to the main mesh. I will also add in some larger objects not attached to the main model such as smoke coming from the top and some rocks laying the furnace pit. Once this is all complete I will begin to create some more models to add to the scene.


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