Sad Walk Animation

So today I developed the sad walking animation using the moom character rig, I used what I have understood from creating the happy walk cycle with regards to the legs and feet placement and I then adjusted the walk to display a slower more negative emotion, I also attempted to make the feet drag a little was the character walked forward however this ended up just creating issues as the way I had animated made the dragging look clunky and out of place.


So far with the walk, I have created the saddened emotion of the face and the legs, However, I feel that the body posture and arms could use some further development as the arms seem to just bob along with the legs and give off more of an angry emotion that a sad one. This could just be due to the clumped up fists but I still will look at changing the placement slightly.

Overall the second part of my walk cycle is coming along nicely, I will need to put a lot more time into developing all of my animations to have them fully complete and rendered for May 1st as over the next week I am unable to develop any of my work so once I get back I will need to put a lot of effort into getting them complete and rendered as well as improving upon my I-Dent.


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