New SpaceShip Model

So today I began work on a new spaceship 3D model, this will be a high-quality model that will use all of what I have learned over the past months while using the Maya software. I will then use a new program called Keyshot in order to produce an atheistically pleasing texture and render of my ship model.

The image I have above shows my process so far, after having multiple restarts and sourcing images from mainly star wars. I have ended up with this ship. I will still need to create some further indents into the model and add a couple of extra detials but I feel the ship as is has had enough work done to it to show.

I sourced many images from different sources however the image that I took my main inspiration for this specific design was the star wars pirate vessel, I took my inspiration from that ship as the wings intrigued me at first representing some chaotic uniform within how they formed. From that, I ended up with my design you can see above as well as this final design I had multiple concept drawings of a similar ship which I will show off once the ship in rendred and I am happy with the result.

Going forward with this project I will be, firstly finishing off the main model this will be either addition to the overall look of the ship or indents and grooves added to give the ship more detail. I will then be taking my ship into Keyshot and texturing it using that software which will take a while as I will need to learn how to better use the software, which I will do by looking up tutorials and such on the internet.


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