The I-Dent Feedback

After my completion of my I-Dent project I have been given some feedback which can be seen below.

A beautifully simple animation which has been executed very well. The mimic has lots of appeal and feels really alive which is great. The general timing is good, no parts feel too slow or too fast. Your idea is great, humourous and fits well into the time allocated. I’d like to see even more exaggeration on your mimic, particularly the hat, this could go up and down a lot more and show overlapping action and the chest could even open at a wider angle as it jumps. The render quality is good, however, the blue background looks odd and would be much better if it was all white. Consider revising your camera angles, research the rule of thirds for composition and keep any camera animation very simple and realistic. Overall you have done incredibly well and should be proud! This will make an excellent addition to your portfolio.


Overall my feedback was very positive and for my first animation project I am happy with how it turned out, However, I will act upon this feedback in this post showing all of my feedback points and providing a new final render of my Mimic animation.

List Of Things To Do:

  1. Attempt to implement more exaggeration on the mimic
  2. Show overlapping actions with the chest opening
  3.  Change background of final render (White)
  4. Research ‘the rule of thirds for composition’
  5. Adjust camera to appear more realistic

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