Pushing Animation

Today I started to create the pushing and falling animation, So far I had gone through the first half of the animation in passes and smoothed out the initial walk cycle. The second half of the animation is where the character falls to the ground because they have pushed the block.

As the animation sits right now the character simply just stays stationary waiting for me to complete that half of the animation. The reason I split the animation into two is mainly because at first, I was unsure on how I wanted the character to fall. Some ideas changed from having him spin around, sit up or just lay on the ground.

The first half of the animation still needs some work in tweaking, locations of limbs and other parts which clip through or need adjusting. This was my first attempt at an expert type animation. The animation is made difficult due to its requirement to show weight and resistants where none exists and because I have not experienced attempting anything like this before, it has increased difficulty for my personal skill, this is why I will most likely create some other simpler animations for the project first and then finish this animation either before or after the project is due.

Overall I personally think while as difficult as it is that the more I use different rigs and animate in general the more I have an understanding of the tools and how each object and character should interact with one another and I will continue to progress with my animation during and after this project. I will also have a post on my improvements to my I Dent animation posted soon.


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