Bouncing Ball Effects

I started to modify code using dot products which allow me to change attributes of  a section of code, I am using this to create a ball that displays a couple of different effects, the ball will be pit against other students balls from my class. In an arena to display the different effects added to each ball.

CODE FOR BALLZThe basis of my code are that it; changes colour, increases in size, displays a message and moves slightly in a direction. The code above code is simply just my manipulation and exploration of the dot product which can be seen after ‘myRidgidBody.’ I first looked through the code looking at the different options, I also googled a couple of things to help me increase the size of the ball.

Although this was just a simple task it has helped me better understand code and more specifically how to use dot products. The code while having no main purpose in any foreseeable projects I work on is still something to aid me in understanding how to use and write code.




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