Industry Standard Model

Today I was back on the industry standard project and after completing my initial concept sketches as well as my low to high poly proposal, I was ready to start modeling my chosen design sketch.

I spent most of my time focusing on the main tower and adjusting each edge loop till I felt I was happy with the main dimensions of the design. This was difficult as I wasn’t entirely sure on how I wanted the top to look. All I knew was that I wanted the top to come to a ventilation hole which sat on top of a main tower type structure that had multiple indents making it look as if it was just thrown together when people were building it.

Once I had a shape I was comfortable with although I still may change it somewhat, I started creating the fire bellows. For this, it was simple as all I ended up doing when attempting to get that type of shape I simply extruded the side faces of a rectangle and then moved them about a little to get the shape I wanted.

Going forward I will be looking to create the details on my furnace using normal maps, these will be things such as marks on the cobble texture I will add, I will also expand on the left side and most likely change around the overall shape of the furnace as I am still not 100% happy with it.

Once this model Is complete I will also start work on the other parts to my blacksmithing scene. The objects I will model include; A water barrel, anvil, pillared roof as well as some other objects that I can find that belong in a medieval blacksmith scene.


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