Short Animation In After Effects

The other day I made a short animation inspired by the Indiana Jones animation we did just last week, I essentially recreated the process in my own way using new assets and effects. I will be looking to further develop this short animation adding in an another effect and having each letter interact differently as I have a compassion that collects each letter from the title together.

Much like the Indian Jones animation, they clip consists of an object moving along the screen in order to reveal some text. When thinking of my I idea I decided to go with Rick and Morty as I have with my other pieces of work lately, this is simply because I am revisiting the show and enjoying it all the more.

I do still wish to further develop this clip as I still feel that some issues still remain for example the end radio waves seem to be confined to a box around the text and I would of also liked the ship to use the portals with an effect on them rather than them both just being rotating objects in space.

In my own time I will look to develop this animation further but also attempt to recreate a similar animation using different images and with better and or more effect added in to make it more interesting and once this is done I think it will make a nice portfolio piece if created with the right assets and effects.


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