Iron Fist Effect

So in adobe after effects, we started to add an effect to a character’s face. We first had to take the footage we were given into a software called MOCHA which allowed us to select an area to track and set it off through the footage.

Once the footage was tracked I marked out an area that I wanted the effect to take effect to and then created a ‘Fractal Noise’ to make the smokey effect which I later made glow I also added in the vainy shapes which gave the effect that the glow came from under the skin.

Overall the process was relatively simple and easy to understand, I will be looking over this in my own time and see if I can combine it with another effect or end up with a cool looking effect at the end as I am a fan of the Iron Fists type and style of effects that they use.

We looked to this powerpoint to help create the effect: Skin Change


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