Industry Standard Furnace

With my new group project, I have begun to create some concept sketches of the models I would like to create as part of my blacksmith scene. I will be focusing most of my time on a furnace as I feel I can get the highest quality model from the furnace out of all the objects found in a blacksmith scene. The images below are some that I took inspiration from when drawing out both my initial ideas and concepts. I have also linked my concepts and research images below as well to show where I am up to within the modeling process.

Reigny Day (1)Reigny Day (2)Reigny Day (3)

Going forward I will be using my concept drawings of the furnace to help me model the low poly version of my model, I will then go forward and add detail to a copied version with higher amounts of detail. I will use the process of normal mapping which I learned about here. To add the detail while still keeping my poly count relatively low.



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