Final VFX Project

In VFX we have been asked to think of an end of year project using special effects. My idea is to have a character stood on top of a cliff above a futuristic/ sci-fi like city. The character would appear out of a thick layer of smoke that would then reveal the city alive with cars, lights, and people. The character would then rip open a portal in the sky where a gigantic ship alongside some smaller ships would emerge to unveil their attack.

I would most likely use matte painting to create the futuristic cityscape by adding new basic city buildings in the arrangement that I would want and then go back and add in new and different parts to give it its effect. I would also source most of my effects from footage crate, as while looking through their expansive collection of effects I have found a couple that I could see myself using such as the smoke and portals.

I will be creating a collection of storyboards that depict the short clip running for around 5-15 seconds long. This project will be my final project in VFX for this year so this will allow me to put a lot of effort into making it as good as I can.


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