Indiana VFX Animation

So in after effects, we used what we learned about with the monster and the puppet tool to create a simple animation where a boulder would roll along and crush all of the text that read Harrison Ford. The idea was to make rolling boulders and then use the puppet tool to make each letter crumble as it was met by the boulder.

I started by adding in moveable pinpoints on each letter once I had a comfortable region selected around each letter I then began to freeze the transforms on all of the bottom points so that the letter would not move around crazily while I tried to animate them. I then went through and moved the points, going through each keyframe and adjusting each point as it met the rolling boulder. I then repeated this for all of the letters till it was complete.

However, I did have to do this twice as the first time all of the letters crumbled at the same time before the boulder even met them. This was an error with the timeline which I fixed by instead of using the automatic keyframing I set each keyframe myself resulting in a smoother animation in the end.



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