Sculpting Plasticine Heads

I was asked to use plasticine to sculpt a head as a way for me to learn how a head can work and the shapes I am working with. I first made a standard head of a man and found that sculpting the skull shaped head was incredibly difficult. So I opted to go for a more oblong shape. I then used some more plasticine to model the facial features such as the hair, nose and moustache. I then used a tool to create indents in the moustache and the eyes.

I then went on to create some other heads, this time I decided to model two characters from a TV show I watch, Rick and Morty. I decided to create these heads as they are both different but still simple shapes. The most difficult part was trying to get the hair right for Rick as I could not get the shape to fit in to one shape without falling apart so instead I decided to just create triangles and place them around and get a result that resembled the character closely.

I then went on to colourise both Rick and Morty in my own time and below are the images of the results, I turned down the opacity in Photoshop to 39% in order to retain the look of my models.


morty coloured.png


rick coloured.png





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