2D Game Update 3

So this week I have started to create actual threats to the player. Instead of just patrolling guards, I have now made is so that the guards can shoot and actually kill the player when they are seen, the guards will also stop moving when the player steps in front of them so that they do not lose a line of sight and can try to kill them. I also added in some extra guards to the level. These two guards will be made so that they appear to be shooting at a target but once the player comes in their line of sight they will chase them.


I have also added in a car sprite which has a collider on it, I originally planned for this to be the goal but I instead have used it to block off the side of the house, although I have found a glitch that allows players to get through a wall and back again using the car. I will most likely just increase the size of the collider to make this harder to do.

The next thing I will do is to give the player a goal, this will most likely be some sort of collectable that the player has to reach to open up the exit which will be at the start of the level.

As for all the scripts I have been using I will be making a Game Jam Prep blog post soon that will show all of the scripts I will need to use in order to create a 2D game for my assessment. I will most likely update this post until I have all the necessary code for my assessment.


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