Industry Standard Project

We have been asked to get into groups and come up with an idea for a scene to be made using an industry standard model from each of us, my group has decided upon a medieval castle theme. The project has a run time of eight weeks where I will need to create a high quality, goog looking model using modeling, textures, lighting and rendering.

Brief: Our brief is for each of us to create an industry standard model, individually and then for this model to be translated into a scene to create a well made and polished scene for our portfolios.

Theme: Our theme is a medieval castle, using this theme we will research and create an asset list of what type of objects to add to the scene. This will ensure that we have a high-quality scene to show off in the end.

I have decided to undertake a blacksmithing area as my high-quality model. Although the blacksmithing area does consist of a few different models, I will focus my attention on one model, in particular, and ensure it meets an industry standard, I will then if I have time complete the rest to the same standard and use the blacksmithing area as my entire model.

I will start by creating a model of an anvil and with each model, I will create I will create concept drawings and ideas about each and post them together on my blog showing my development

Ruff Draft of an asset list:

Merchant Stalls – James Smith

Weapon stands and Target Dummy -James Smith

Swords & Shields – George, James Smith

Gate – George

Blacksmith – Luke

Flags/Banners – Luke

Other Smaller Details and Assets – Luke

Gallows w/ Guillotine and melon – Dillon

Stables – Dillon

Well – James C

Walls and Keep – Jason

Cart – Kayleigh

Armour – Corey

You can follow our progression by viewing this google slides document


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