Activision are widely known for the publishing and 3rd part creating the Call Of Duty franchise however ever since they were founded on October 1, 1979, they have developed and published an extensive array of titles for all platforms.

Some top names that Activision has developed recently include Call of Duty,  SkylandersDestiny, and Guitar Hero. However, it did not start out this way the company launched a series of the multi-million unit selling titles in the early 1980s for the Atari 2600 including Pitfall, Kaboom! and River Raid this first dabble into game creating set them on a path to become an industry juggernaut.

Throughout the years Activision has acquired rights to many different franchises from Marvels, Deadpool and Spiderman to Crash Bandicoot and DOOM. The company has a large variety of games published under its name, making it one of the most commonly know games designers and publishers in the industry.


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