After Effects Matte Painting

In after effects I was tasked with ‘matte painting’ which essentially is the process of changing an image by editing parts or adding in other images to the original scene to change what the image shows, different effects can change a little to a lot depending on how much editing you want to do and when you are happy with the result.

Original Image

I decided I would turn an image of a cityscape into a scene of a mid alien invasion zone. I started by looking online and looking towards some apocalyptic images to get a feel for what the damaged areas of the scene would look like. I first began to add in a different colour to the water changing it from its native blue state to a more dull and murky brown. I then went on to add a hue/saturation effect to the island that sat towards the back of the image, I made is so the island appeared on fire with glowing areas to symbolise hotter more scorched parts, I then also added in some smoke to pass the burning effect off, however, I feel I may have added in too much smoke and obscured the vision of my image too much. I then finally began to add in some alien spaceships which I had found online to start to build towards the invasion.

Overall I found the process of matte painting to be very satisfying although tedious at times. When you are looking for a finished result or something you have created out of the pre-existing scene it looks appealing to look at even with minor details. I also feel that this process if better refined and practised I could use it to get a high-quality scene in after effects.


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