Break The Cycle Project

This project will have me animate two actions using rigs I have either created or found online, I have decided to attempt two of the ‘challenging; animations actions. I would like to attempt the happy/sad emotive walk cycle I will attempt to create both a happy and a sad walk for the rig that I find. I would also like to create a laughing animation. However, after this project is complete I would also like to complete more of theses actions.

Achievable Challenging Expert
Walk cycle Happy/Sad emotive walk cycle Character straining to lift a heavy object.
Character waving Walk, stop, wave. Character pushing a heavy object.
Character jumping Character run and jump Character Diving from a diving board
Sneak walk cycle Character throwing a baseball ball / spear Character hammering a nail
Run (Jogging/Sprint) Cycle Laughing animation Character hit by an object (Ball, brick etc.)
Idle Animation (Street Fighter style) Punch with wind up Jump and combat roll to avoid a falling object.

The project has multiple deliverables that I will set out to achieve while working on this project. The deliverables are:

2 Animation exercises shown as animation blocking

The same 2 Animation exercises batch rendered professionally

Work in progress blog posts

Submission blog post.

I will create a video of each pass through of my animation blocking, I would also like to put them together at the end to show the entire process of each animation in one video. I will also be searching for pre-made rigs online which I will link and show in the next update post.

The deadline for this project is May 1st.

Here is a link to the brief: NGY1 – Project – Break The Cycle


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