2D Game Update 2

This week I further developed the mechanics of my game, I started by creating some simple enemy sprites using the same model as the playable character. I then went one to use the waypoints code to create paths for the enemies to follow. I also used the shooting script from my spaceship game to make the players gun shoot bullets which I also designed after a real pistol bullet.

The shooting mechanic works well as I set a lifespan of 2 to the bullet sprite meaning  that the bullet would disappear after 2 seconds of being on screen, I also have an adjustable fire rate setting which I feel needs to be lowered as the fire rate seems to be too fast, to further develop this I will be making it so when the bullet spire crosses the collider of the enemies sprites then they are both destroyed. I will also be adding in a cone of vision to the enemies that makes them shoot at the player when they cross its path.

 I also added in some waypoints for the enemies to follow through the room, I will be trying to make it so when the enemy starts heading in a different direction, the spire then changes to face the direction they are walking. I would also like to make it so that the enemies chase the player once they are seen. However, I feel this is too complex for me to attempt for now.

To further develop the game I will make it so the enemies can fight back by shooting at the player when they are seen. I will also add an exit towards the end of the level that will take the player to the next level. Because the game is designed to be a stealth game I think that I will also have to redesign the room the allow the player to be hidden from sight so they don’t get shot at.


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