2D Game Concept


Today I worked on what will be a solo stealth game where a player can shoot enemies and traverse the level. The game is being created as part of my preparation for our game jam assessment. I will use the code and skills from this solo game to help me in my actual assessment.GIF.gif

To start off I actually enjoyed today’s lesson as it was surprising because as much as I find the programming interesting I can find it difficult and tedious most of the time. I am glad to say that working on this game has made me want to continue its development in my own time to see what other features and things that I can create and use to better my knowledge of coding and unity.

This first lesson was spent mainly trying to get the movement working for my character although some time was spent; creating the main menu screen, creating the character sprite and designing the layout for the first level.


Player Sprite


Firstly I worked on the character spirit as I needed a character to be able to control, once this was done I then went into unity and added in a simple ground plane to contrast the character. I then looked into making the character follow my mouse when moving however, I did encounter some issues with this from the camera not being set as the main usable camera to the camera settings being on perspective view and untagged but in the end I managed to find a solution and got the player moving around my scene.

After that, I began work on the main menu, which was a simple thing as it only required an image to be set as the canvas and added a button that would start the game by loading up the next scene in the build settings.

The final thing that I did was begin to set up my scene along with the buildings and some extra props, I also used polygon colliders and adjusted the points to have a building in which the player could enter through the doorway but could not phase through the walls. I am currently working on this and I will add some more objects to the room to be used as cover.

Going forward I will be completing the layout of the first level as well as making the character shoot and add in some waypoint paths for the enemies to walk along to give the game a goal, this would also mean I will need to create some more assets however I will most likely do this in my own time.


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