It’s A Small World Project Submission

Overall the final product, while not what we expected still managed to come out how we initially planned. Having the theme of a construction site, However, due to people from our group being lazy it meant less work was done while others spent time catching up on the others work.

I myself worked on a few of the smaller props as a few larger objects from the scene, all of which are rendered and shown off below. I also was in charge of some texturing and the lighting of the scene. This was challenging as everybody wanted a different look for the scene so getting the right mix from everyone’s feedback proved overwhelming from adding in some lights that didn’t work with others and other smaller issues. Overall I think the lights in the scene show it off to a good standard using a mix of lights and render settings to get the best possible outcome.

Truck Render
Truck Showcase.png
Truck Showcase

The construction truck is one of the models I created for this project. I used inspiration from the images that I sourced which can be found in the google slides linked at the end of this post. For the truck, I found it relatively easy to keep to the poly limit of 1000 tris and because of this I went back and added in parts to make the truck look better that I didn’t think I would have been able to add. These are things such as the light on the top and the parts that connect the wheels to the front.

The truck was one of the more difficult models to keep to low poly as I mainly just assisted others in the creation of their models, so this was one of the few models I actually created specifically for the project as there was simply either all models we needed were in the work or we did not have any new ideas to add.

Seating Render
seats showcase.png
Seating Showcase

The seats were created simply as a filler for what we could see as to be empty space on our island. I  created the seats quickly taking the shorter part of a lesson to create and refine the model. I also consulted the colour wheel and colour theory when picking the colors for this model and from my research, I found that the colours of Orange and Black work well in contrast to one another. You can also see my informed opinion using my research on colour theory throughout most of the models as I had input on the design choices and colours.

People Render
people showcase
People Showcase

These people, who were initially designed by another member of the group have been created and modified by me. I created the three variations of the character to add around the scene and I also posed some, either sitting down or interacting with an object in the world. I did this so that our Island would stand out and have something extra that no other group would have had. I feel that the people have come out well, However, I would have liked to spend more time on these characters creating more variations instead of using some of the models repeatedly and I would have liked to better texture them using more or diffrent colours and styles.

Island Base Render
island showcase.png
Island Base Showcase

The Island was another model which a bunch of us had put work into, although I did not create the initial design I aided in the expansion of the second island bottom and I textured the body of both Islands and assembled all of the other assets onto the Island base. I also modified the water that runs down the side of the first Island and created the floating rocks around the scene. I did this as I saw something similar during my research and thought that it looked really nice and again being another unique feature.

The images below are several renders of the scene from multiple angles, however, I feel that I will improve on the quality of the lighting and select better angles for a future mass update blog.


Overall I feel that, mostly the team has worked well, and that the Island looks appealing and fulfils our brief and concept. The Island could still use some tweaking and some more models adding to fill out the empty space, although I feel that this could lead to the Island becoming crowded. I will work with some of the members of my group in our own time to attempt to improve on this. All of the other members of my group’s blogs can be found linked below as well as our google slides page where you can see our brief, concept among other things.



James C:

James J:


Link To Google Slides 


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