Collecting Heads

I decided instead of using the heads I collected in the last post I would get some more heads and arrange them in a photoshop document. I did this as I saw some art of peoples heads and they were aligned in a portrait manner and then drawn around.

I also went onto the internet and collected a bunch of images of drawings of people to help inspire me to what style I would want to draw my heads in and how I want to lay the drawing out when I come to make it. You can see all the images I collected below.

From the images that I have found for a cartoonish style. I found out that there was a lot of variation on each character’s design, ranging from soft or hard features to exaggerated or not. I also found out that I prefer¬†drawings like that of the top left and bottom on the selection of images above as they look simple yet still serve¬†the same purpose of the rest and on top of that I like the aesthetic of the more soft cartoonish exaggerated, drawings.


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