It’s A Small World Project Update


As a group, we have been further developing the Island and the vehicles. The Island has been our main focus over the past few days as we work to make the scene fit our theme of construction which means from the initial Island creation we have modified it to have a second floating bases as we needed more space and found just expanding the top took away from the model as a whole.

The Image you can see above is the Island so far, I started by first adding in the simple colours using different shades of grey to give the island the feel of being rocky. I also created some smaller shards that look to be coming off the island to give it a more interesting look. The red area which you can see is marking the area in which the water which we are currently working on will go, I will make it look like a small cave and the water rushing out of it.

For further development on the Island we will be raising up an area so that we can add some grass and trees and we will also be creating some models such as a crane and a shipping create in order to put next to the construction site and the bulldozer for the racetrack as instead of having an obvious racing track we will have a marked out path of what will be where the racers would need  to drive.


The next model that I have worked on is my construction truck, I finished the truck adding in some smaller details and texturing it. I also added in the smoke clouds which consists of three small spheres put together However these will not likely be in the main model when I put it in the scene as each even with extra tris removed still comes to around 2000 tris each. So if I cannot find a way to minimise the tris while still keeping the cloud like look then I will take them out.


A third item I worked on for the model are the race side seating area, while our group still cannot decide where they will be placed, I went ahead and created the seats anyway as if there is an empty space or a place they fit it will be better to have the prop ready to put in the scene. I like the model as is and I feel that the colours of Orange and Black work together with how I have laid them out, The colours might change however as I am going to look at the colour theory reference to see which colours work better together and if I like them I will consult my team and talk about a change.


The images below are some renders of what the other people in the group have been working on during this project time.



This bike will be one of the wacky racers used in this project and will be put on the track after being textured, we are also working on another wacky racer so this one may not be used.


This is the second wacky racer, the car is designed to be a flying car and the creator has done a good job in Uv unwrapping and texturing it.


This is the shipping container mentioned earlier, the container will be used, being held by a crane for the racers to drive through when they get to that part of the race track.


This model is the water that will be added to the island, However, due to its transparency, the water does not light very well so we may need to change this in the future or I could try to find a way to light transparent objects better.

Overall I think the project is going well and with most members contributing to the project I feel that it is being worked on to a good standard. The project is due for next tuesday so we have and will be working more in our own time to try to get the full projetc completed by then.






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