After Effects Character Animation

We started an animation in After effects, The animation is part of a new little tool we started to use which can be seen as being the pin tool at the top of after effects. The tool allowed us to place points on the character which we were supplied with and move the parts around and the image would distort and move with how we moved each point.

I started by getting the tool and placing a point on first the hands, head, and feet and then in other places such as the elbow, shoulders, and knees. I then started to play around with the points to see how the tool works. I found that the character felt very loose when moving the points and that I would have to select more that one point or move each individual points in a certain way so that the image did not mess up creating a strange animation.

Once I started to animate I used the ctrl to record where I moved the points adding the animation of each point I moved to the animation timeline. This allowed me to create and change the animation of each part easily, making mistakes less concurrent. However something I would have liked to do was animate the hand turning, but due to the fact that I would have to draw out 3 different hand positions, I did not do this.


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