Maya Room Interior Update Revised

I looked at my feedback which you can see below and I picked out what I could tell needed adding or improving for my project. I also bullet pointed them below my feedback along with a tick or a cross showing if the point had been complete. Further down you can also see examples of my projects feedback and how I completed each point. Also included is an updated powerpoint slide with new renders and images.

Modelling: You’ve done a very good job with this project Luke! Your models look accurate to real life and feel genuine objects rather than 3d imitations. You’ve used primitive shapes well to create the basic shapes for your models and used multiple edgeloops to add detail to these. Try to round some shapes more such as the surfboard by adding more loops to the centre and pulling these out to create the shapes you need. Try to bevel hard edges to add a subtle highlight to hard surfaces. Continue to try and model more compelx shapes using the same processes, such as attempting the dog under your T.V. or the robot on the shelf!

Texturing: Your texturing really adds a lot to your models. It adds the detail it needs to let us believe the objects are real. I like how you have textured additional detail into your models without actually modelling it, such as the gumball machine. Experiment with shaders more to make some parts shinier than others – for example your drawyer handles are super shiny but in your model they look a very similar material to the wood.

Rendering: You’ve experimented really well with this. I love how you have attempted to include different times of day to create a different feel. Work on the softness of spotlight edges so that they are not as hard. Some objects should have more of a shadow in daylight too – this will make them look more grounded and realistic. Continue to experiment with both lights and shadows, remember light linking can help you control the lights in a scene more.

Overall: You’ve done an outstanding job on this project Luke, you’ve clearly worked very hard, I am very impressed. I love how you have presented your work as well – stiving for proffessionalism is great to see. Your skills are developing quickly so please continue to challenge yourself and attempt even more difficult assets with both modelling and texturing. Well done Luke, you should be very proud!

The list of things below were improvements I needed to complete and tick next to them shows if they have been met at this point.

  • Render 3 models in wireframe ✔
  • Create a model of bobblehead dog ✔
  • Create model of Robo Sapien ✔
  • Make draw handles more reflective ✔
  • Create a more atmospheric scene using lighting ✔

Render 3 Wireframe Models

TV Stand

The first improvement I started to work on was of rendering the three wireframe models I needed the wireframes to put on my showcases for my room project, The reasons theses needed changing were because when making my showcases I did not know how to render wireframe models as it required some plugins that I did not have or know how to use. Although after some research and a lot of trial and error I managed to produce three renders of my models in wireframe.

Create Model Of Dog From Photos 

Dog Model

The next improvement I set out was of the dog model, I decided to start with this as I had already intended for the dog to be in the scene but did not have enough time to finish a satisfactory model for my room and I still had some legs left over. Creating the dog model was difficult but I m happy with how it turned out, I also am glad I decided to create the model of the dog before attempting the robot as modeling the dog gave me some skills that assisted me in the creation of the robot.

Create model of Robo Sapien

Robo Sapien Render

This has been by far one of the more difficult models I have had to create, this is also a reason why there is less detail on the model as I would have liked. However, I still feel that the model came out to a high enough standard to be able to be added to the scene. Some of the difficult parts include the fingers, wires, and legs which I inevitably lost causing me to have to create the legs that you see in this image.

Reflective Draw Handels


I attempted to make the draw handles more  reflective, I first did this by changing the material type from a blinn to a phongE as a PhongE material type is naturally more reflective, I also helped to make the draw handles more reflective my adding in some lights closer to the draws so that light more obviously bounced off the object.

Adding In Extra Models


Something I originally missed when creating my room was these three boxes that sit on top of my wardrobe, although being something small and insignificant, I feel that they add to the room making it feel more believable and true to the original images.

Create a more atmospheric scene using lighting

The powerpoint below includes the new renders of my scene, I feel that I have improved the lighting of my scene, as I have learned a lot about lighting and how it reacts in Maya while using it theses past few months. So I messed around with the intensity and light types till I found a render that I felt made the scene look better.

PowerPoint: inside-the-box-project


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