Rust is an open world survival games that take’s things from the popular¬†game Minecraft and represents them in a realistic scenario. Taking place after humanity had had a war with nukes the landscape is ravaged by radiation and has the player on an online server attempting to build a life for themselves. The game also has an airdrop system as well as some location that appear on every map, theses structures help to give the game a goal and adding more to do for the end game when you have new guns and armour.

The game, while still being in steam early access since its release on 11th December 2013 still manages to provide players with 1-2 updates a month which inlucde bug fixes and tweaks as well as new content on occasion. Rust is being developed by Facepunch studios a company¬†also behind the popular game Garry’s Mod, which allows people to create a wide array of modifications to the game so far that the game would be just a map with some tools without it.

Rust similarly has a workshop mode however unlike Garry’s mods make anything approach, Rust allows the community to create custom skins to the game for clothing, gun and other items. However players can only vote on what they like and if a post gets enough votes then it is added and players can get it either from a drop or the community market.

Overall Rust is just another survival games closer to games such as Conan Exiles and Ark Survival Evolved. The game still maneges to be entertaining as I myself have sunk hundreds of hours into it. This is mainly due to the replay vaule, the game never gets borning because the game dosent let it and the online servers are wiped mostly every two weeks. This dosent let players get comfy and instead throws them in with a new chance to be at the top.


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