Its A Small World Project Construction Truck

I have been working on a construction vehicle for the group low poly project, I am doing this because our theme is of a construction site. This vehicle will be used either as a wacky racer with added custom parts to fit a wacky racer or as a background prop to populate the area.


I used the image above as inspiration for my truck, I needed to create a low poly version of this model so I decided to leave some of the detail to the texturing. The image below is of the untextured model, So far I have textured smaller things that require only a colour as to get a feel for what the model will become when it is finished.


Going forward with this truck I will, texture the remaining main body of the model as well as attempt to refine the model in the process by either decreasing the poly size which currently sits at an exact 600 or change the model further to adapt it to the theme. With the texture, I will be adding a rustic look to the model as the theme is construction I want the model to look like it would fit into a dust construction site environment rather than appearing brand new. I would also like to create a more appealing seating area rather than using textures, However, this would greatly increase the poly count which I am aiming to keep low for this project. I am still undecided on this point and will bring it to my group for feedback.


One thought on “Its A Small World Project Construction Truck

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