Lucas Films

Lucas Films is one of the world’s leading entertainment companies offering well know film franchises such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones as well as some video games such as the monkey island series and game adaptations of their films. The company was founded by  George Lucas in 1971, but then acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2012 for around $4 Billion.


The animation division are best known for the work on the Cartoon Network series Star wars the clone wars. Running for 7 seasons the show took place during episodes 2 and 3 of the prequels and added in more depth to the war between the clones and the droids. The animation itself shows of a high quality, expected for a studio with many years of experience, However, since Disney purchased the star wars name. The show was cancelled as to not provide star wars content to there competitors and instead of renewing the show Disney decided to start work on a new animated series entitled Star Wars Rebels.


Lucasfilm’s over the years have created a wide assortment of games but have found most of their success with games by licencing out their work such as to EA to create the battlefront series or more recently to Rovio, creator of the angry birds series. However, Lucasfilm’s have had some gems in the dark with titles such as grim fandango and tales of monkey island both becoming fan favourites, Grim fandango even getting a remaster in late 2014.

Visual Effects

Lucasfilm’s primary use  ‘Industrial Light & Magic‘ for the VFX for their movies and games as George Lucas, founder of LucasArts also founded  Industrial Light & Magic in 1975. Industrial Light & Magic is a widely know company who have done VFX for many popular movies such as The death star trench run, velociraptors versus a T-Rex and The avengers in New York.

I used parts of the following sources to obtain this information:

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  • The Making of Star Wars (Random House; 2007)
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  • Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects (Del Rey, 1986)
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