Drawing Skulls And Drawing Project

We first had to get any image of a person and then draw where the muscles and ligaments would form in their face, we did this so we could better understand the form a face and how it is made up the images below are of what I used to do this.

I used these two images to from the image below overlaying the muscles over the image on the left. Overall it did help me to understand the formation of a face.


Once that was complete we were then informed on our upcoming project to draw some heads using real world inspiration to create cartoonish style faces. In the end coming up with the following heads below.

  • 1 Observed
  • 2 Constructed
  • 3 Freeform
  • 4 Mixing the elements to create unique design

The bullet points below are what I will need to do for this project

  • 1 Gather reference photography of heads
  • 2 Use an observational approach, but recognise the elements that we have covered within your drawing. Emphasise and find these elements to help stylise your drawing.
  • 3 Draw out a series of heads, from many angles. Use the work of others for inspiration.
  • 4 Post research (others work, photography used and construction techniques)
  • 5 Draw a page of heads, use design elements to position them on the page. Stretch yourself and add imagined elements to the heads. Mix skulls, ecorche and real observed heads.

I have completed the first bullet point by gathering heads. I have started to create a powerpoint slide that will fill out the areas of this project, linked below you can see my progress so far, included in this update is the collection of the 10 different heads that I have already collected.

Link To The Brief: copy-of-headslevel3

Link To The PowerPoint: heads-project


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