2D Game

The goal for the 2D game was to have a player that you can control and get them to a goal also having enemies who patrol the level. I will talk more in depth about each script and the code within each in a separateĀ blog post as it will take a littleĀ time to write.

The game that I am working on consists of levels in which the player must navigate to the exit of the designed level, the player must avoid the guards that patrol the level. However, if they get caught they will be sent back to the start. Currently, we are working on making the player collide with objects in the level as well as some of the enemies paths. The game currently has a playable character that can shoot and destroy the enemies who have an autofire script on them that makes them shoot back, in the future we would like to make this so they only shoot when the player is spotted.

In its current state it has taken a couple of weeks to get to this point, this is because of both the planning of the game and the first basic levels as well as the time spent adjusting the drag, speed and rotation of the character in order to make the movement feel to a satisfying standard, while this will still be adjusted, it is at a playable point.


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